WhiteHouseFMS : The sustainable solution to improve productivity & margins for Semi-Skilled Workforce

By Shardul Singh
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The firms dependent on semi-skilled workforce such as Facilities Management, Security Services, Events Management, Hospitality etc. are going through huge competition resulting into reducing margins. Some large players are exploring options to where possible, automate the activities whereas others are continuously looking for ways to improve productivity of their staff.


We at TRONIXSS believe that while automation such as Robots, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a role in these industries, these solutions might be limited only to large, high-end facility managers. For the masses it will still not be a practical and viable solution, at least not in the recent future.

The Facility Management industry, alone is nearing an annual revenue of USD 1 Trillion and employs around 150 Million people across the world. However, there is an under investment in Information Technology in these firms. The computer based Enterprise Resource Management and Project Management tools and techniques that are very common in other industries such as Finance, IT and Manufacturing are not used by the semi-skilled workforce leading to inefficiencies and poor quality.

There are a large number of Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software available in the market. However, there is no clear leader in the market as access to these solutions is limited to the Head Office staff and more than 90% of the workforce that is always in the field does not have access to these solutions.

We built a solution WhiteHouseFMSTM on SalesforceTM force.comTM platform considering these factors in mind. WhiteHouseFMS leverages Salesforce1TM app on Apple IOS and Android so that these millions of staff can access their assignments and instructions directly on their smart phones and submit completion status. At the same time management can get real time status of the progress of work completed, any challenges in delivery and attendance of staff. This is quite useful for these firms as the workforce is very mobile and spread over hundreds of client sites and it is difficult to get visibility of what is happening at each client site using the conventional paper based and email communication.

Further, these companies have to meet certain compliance requirements which is almost impossible in the absence of a reliable centralized repository of the online records. For example, conventionally, these firms have been storing the copies of their staff’s work permit either in physical form (paper photo copy) or scanned copies in the emails. Later, when work permits expire the company does not get a clue of their non-compliance to immigration office requirements and struggle or fined during the inspection from immigration officer.

Now with the help of WhiteHouseFMS (Watch Demo) employee records can be stored in a centralized online repository and alerts can be configured so that next time a work permit expiration is approaching, HR and senior management receives an advance warning.

Our association with Salesforce as an ISV partner is a key factor to our success. As a start-up we have limited resources and by partnering with Salesforce we can leave the worries of Data Center management, hardware procurement, installation, platform improvements etc. to Salesforce and focus on Business and Application development. The WhiteHouseFMS app is listed on AppExchangeTM and Salesforce existing clients as well as external users can download the app from this market place. Further, the Ecosystem helps us to build relationship with other partners who are going through the similar journey or have been there before, and get the business leads, both from Salesforce and other partners.

In addition, events like Dreamforce and World Tour give us an opportunity to showcase our product to a wider audience and attract more business.

We are very excited to be one of the Exhibitor Sponsor of Dreamforce which is taking place in San Francisco from 4 – 7 October 2016. Hope to meet some of you at our Booth# 2065 during the Dreamforce.