Cyber Security & Resilience Initiatives by UK Government
By Shardul Singh
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Cyber Streetwise Cyber Essentials CBEST

Due to UK’s political and economic significance, UK based institutions and core infrastructure faces a high Cyber risk. In the last 2-3 years HM Government and other public institutions have started initiatives to build framework and address the Cyber risk at all three key levels:

  1. End-Users: Cyber Streetwise
  2. Small & Medium Businesses: Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus
  3. Businesses Core to UK’s Financial Stability: Cyber Resilience / CBEST
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Automated Auditing Tools The only sustainable solution for regular IT Compliance Monitoring
By Shardul Singh
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Automated Auditing Tools

In the last few years, Data Breaches, thefts, Cyber attacks, Key IT Systems unavailability etc. have become a regular part of the news. The worse thing is that news is pouring from many different industries, which suggest an under investment in IT Infrastructure and a systemic problem across various industries. SONY, RSA, Target, RBS, Natwest, JP Morgan, Nasdaq, Ashley Madison are some recent examples where Key IT Systems were down during the business hours or Customer Data was stolen.

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FinTech Risk Management = Trust + Simplicity + Speed
By Shardul Singh
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FinTech Risk Management

"Innovation lies at the intersection of the humanities and the sciences" – Walter Isaacson

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